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Department First Name Last Name Title Email Address Extension
City Hall Edward Benevides COO & Secretary ebenevides@cityhall.bm 292-1234 ext 202
City Hall Lorna Hayward Exec. Asst to Mayor & COO lhayward@cityhall.bm 292-1234 ext 208
Engineering Patrick Cooper City Engineer pcooper@cityhall.bm 292-1234 ext 230
Engineering Ian Hind Senior Engineer ihind@cityhall.bm 292-1234 ext 275
Engineering Donielle Bean Exec.Asst.Engineering dbean@cityhall.bm 292-1234 ext 203
Events Ed Christopher Town Crier eschrist@logic.bm 777-9738
Events Tamara Bradshaw Project & Rentals Coordinator tbradshaw@cityhall.bm ext 224
Events Janee Pitt Marketing Coordinator jpitt@cityhall.bm 292-1234 ext 236
Events Zoe Mulholland Communications Manager zmulholland@cityhall.bm 279-5257
Events Jessica Astwood Event Project Manager jastwood@cityhall.bm 292-1234 ext 219
Accounts Tanya Iris Treasurer tiris@cityhall.bm 292-1234 ext 222
Accounts Siobhan Fubler Deputy Treasurer sfubler@cityhall.bm 292-1234 ext 210
Accounts Nicole Edwards Finance Manager nedwards@cityhall.bm 292-1234 ext 205
Accounts Dennikia Exell Accounts Administrator dexell@cityhall.bm 292-1234 ext 207
Accounts Coralita Davis Accounts Receivables cdavis@cityhall.bm 292-1234 ext 221
Accounts Davita Gibbons Tax Administrator dgibbons@cityhall.bm 292-1234 ext 206
Accounts Penny Lambe Accounts Payable Administrator/Relief Receptionist plambe@cityhall.bm 292-1234 ext 220
Accounts Valerie Robinson Senior Accounts Payable Administrator vrobinson@cityhall.bm 292-1234 ext 260
Reception Kim Williams Receptionist kwilliams@cityhall.bm 292-1234 ext 228
Port Operations Earl Francis Superintendent efrancis@cityhall.bm 292-1234 ext 251
Port Operations Fred Richardson Enforcement Supervisor frichardson@cityhall.bm 531-5251
Works Yard Andy Baptiste P&D Machines 331-2343
Works Yard Anthony Darrell Asst. Superinterdent - Response adarrell@cityhall.bm 295-6446 ext 259
Works Yard Steven DeSilva Parks Superintendent sdesilva@cityhall.bm 295-6446 ext 258
Works Yard Basil Carey Stores bcarey@cityhall.bm 295-6446 ext 212
Works Yard Duane Crockwell General Superintendent dcrockwell@cityhall.bm 295-6446 ext 225
Works Yard Asst. Super. Sanitation
Works Yard Billy Tatem Head Mechanic wtatem@cityhall.bm 295-6446 ext 223
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